Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Letting it go - just can't do it

One of my challenges has been to let go of things. I've said before that I have carried experiences and friendships with me over my 30 year Navy career from day one of boot camp in San Diego on 14 July 1975 to the last day of May in 2006 at the Pentagon. I am proud to say that I am still in touch with my Recruit Chief Petty Officer (RCPO) and several others from Company 929 in 1975 and with the Secretary of Defense from my 2 year assignment as his staff director for the Detainee Task Force. And I am still in touch with many folks from every assignment in between.   These aren't FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, TogetherWeServed, or LinkedIN connections - they are far more than that.

One of the tougher things to let go of is my time in charge - as OIC of NSGD Barbers Point, Hawaii and as Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Security Group Activity Yokosuka (now Navy Information Operations Command). As the person in charge, I think we connect ourselves more to the legacy of those organizations where we held the ultimate responsibility and authority.  As Commanding Officer, it is particularly tough to let go of the team that you have led.  Over the years since command, I have watched MY Sailors grow to the point that three of them will be the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer and Command Master Chief of 'my' former command - U.S. NSGA Yokosuka this summer.  There is a great deal of shared pride in their many achievements.  And, another one of my Sailors also served as officer in charge of 'my' former detachment NSGD Barbers Point.  The circle of "our" leadership is expanding and remains unbroken.

Do you stay genuinely CONNECTED to your Shipmates or do you simply steam on?


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with steaming on? I have only so much capacity in my life and beyond what I use for my profession I devote everything to my immediate family and friends.

Mike Lambert said...

Steaming on is just fine.