Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CNO's Guiding Principles - A refresher

  • Our primary mission is warfighting. All our efforts to improve capabilities, develop people, and structure our organizations should be grounded in this fundamental responsibility.  
  • People are the Navys foundation. We have a professional and moral obligation to uphold a covenant with Sailors, Civilians and their families to ably lead, equip, train and motivate.
  • Our approach should be Joint and combined when possible. However, we own the sea, and must also be able to operate independently when necessary. 
  • Our primary Joint partner is the U.S. Marine Corps. We must continue to evolve how we will operate and fight as expeditionary warfare partners. 
  • At sea and ashore, we must be ready to part with Navy roles, programs and traditions if they are not integral to our future vision or a core element of our mission.  
  • We must ensure todays force is ready for its assigned missions. Maintaining ships and aircraft to their expected service lives is an essential contribution to fleet capacity 
  • Our Navy Ethos defines us and describes the standard for character and behavior. 
  • We must clearly and directly communicate our intent and expectations both within and outside the Navy. 
  • I believe in the “Charge of Command. We will train and empower our leaders with authorities commensurate with their responsibilities.
I hope someone in your chain of command has discussed this with you on some level.  If not, seek them out and ask why not?  This should end up in the Chiefs Mess, the wardroom and in the Plan of the Week.  Help get it there.  Bring it up.

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

CNO in this post expresses just what I would like to hear from senior authority, but unfortunately there are many things that distract from the words he put forward in this post, I did not see anything about embracing diversity to achieve the Navy’s goals, or the fact that the incorporation of homosexuals into the military has been forced upon the services, which will no doubt impair the morale of the troops, and therefore effect their overall performance. I do not believe this CNO will last long because he does not parrot what the present administrations ideas for the military of our country are.

Very Respectfully,