Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Community's Foundational Principles

Lots of good stuff HERE.  Some thoughtful, enthusiastic, well-meaning IWs, CTs and other members of the Cryptologic Community put this together.  And, it is endorsed by our community's Flag officers and senior civilian leadership.  Give it a read.  Send some feedback to Commander Sean Heritage, if you have time.  These principles were meant to be shared.  Spread the word.


The Admirals said...

"Please make time to read this document and discuss it with your peers, seniors, and subordinates. Don't let this document be a piece of "shelf-ware". We must each do our part to turn these words into meaningful action."

Anonymous said...

Meant to be shared yes, but more importantly, meant to be acted on! My local command is making it an effort to take action, what are you doing to help your commands to do the same?

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

Having read, Cryptologic Community's Foundational Principles (twice), and not being part of that community I am unfamiliar with a bit of the nomenclature used in that document. One of the first things of notice was you folks saying that you in the future will be the “main battery”. Why is it necessary to lift a weapons specialist term and use it as your own? I would think that you folks who are tech savvy could come up with a flashy term that would be more suitable to these modern times.

Very Respectfully,