Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not happy with your Flag/General officer? General Petraeus explains...

"You know the deal. When you reach this position in the military, you’re only as good as the material your subordinates give you."

General David Petraeus
2007 TIME magazine "Person of the Year Runner Up"


Anonymous said...

Proves that if you do a fantastic job working for a dumba*s, he'll still be a dumba*s but make rank. Great system we have.

Anonymous said...

Believe he spells it P(e)traeus.

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

Thanks anon at 9:02 AM.

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

Having had access to Time Magazine over the years, but never being a subscriber of theirs because I never believed in their philosophy of choosing (heroes and despots) for their covers over the years as being a good thing for the American people. They do say that they are choosing things and people that have made a difference in this world but to advertize, and that is what they are doing, bad people like Hitler, Stalin, Krushchev and others over the years I have been less than impressed.

Gen. Petraeus lost out in the Time, Man of the Year, selection to Vladimir Putin another Communist who is not a friend of this United States.

Very Respectfully,

Anonymous said...

I must disagree with the General on this one. "Not happy" comes from:
-Looking at the top of the GO/FO head during the entire brief.
-Competing with the GO/FO's Blackberry
-Watching the entire group of GO/FO's thoughtfully debate the problem, admit the causal factors, concur on the best solution, then decide to do the other thing because it was easier or more expedient.
-Being praised for the long hours, superb attention to detail, outstanding presentation. . . and then having the material killed because, "It's not what the boss wants to hear."
-Listening to the 4-Star's specific instructions, only to have the 3-, 2- and 1- star follow up with, "What the General/Admiral meant to say was. . ."
-Watching men who will NEVER again have a material need in their life sell off enlisted sailors like property.
-Playing the "Bring me another rock" game.