Friday, February 10, 2012

The Challenge Of Command

"It is sometimes frustrating to try and explain to anyone—military or civilian—what “being a Navy commanding officer” is all about simply because they cannot possibly grasp the depth, complexity, hours and personal commitment involved.    Nor could you.    I am a teacher, counselor, rescuer, parent, mentor, priest, confessor, judge and jury, executioner, cheerleader, coach, nudger, butt-kicker, hugger, social worker, lawyer, shrink, doctor, analyst, budgeteer, allowance giver, career planner, assignment getter, inspector, critiquer, scheduler, planner, event planner, task master, and absolutely as often as necessary — sacrificial lamb and arrow catcher. I am my Sailor's commanding officer, and will only do this job one way while I’m in it . 

I will do whatever it takes to serve them."

The Skipper

For more on the Skipper's responsibilities, Chapter 8 U.S. Navy Regulations


Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

I like this statement about what a Commanding Officer really is, and in my opinion most of the Commanding Officers I have had the honor to serve under have qualified in all these job descriptions and more. They are the life’s blood of a Navy ship or Navy station, unfortunately they are only human and not Gods as most of us Bluejackets see them, and even Gods may have a chink in their armor.

Very Respectfully,

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

This is an adapted statement from the USAF Squadron Commanders Guide.