Friday, October 23, 2009

Notable COMNAVSECGRU Achievements

Title: Establishment of the Cryptologic Division Officers' Course (CDOC)

Date/Place: 1986. CNSG HQ, 3801 Nebraska Avenue NW, Washington, D.C.


New cryptologic officers received no formal training in our field. They learned by the seat of their pants. Many were unsteady and the great majority felt 'cheated' that they were held accountable for performance of duties for which they received no training.

- Appointed experienced officers to establish a formal training curriculum.

- Outlined a general strategy with a goal to convene first class within 24 months.

- Made our case and sold the idea in the Pentagon and to the budgeteers.

- Because of the unique aspects of our business and its dynamic challenges, successfully lobbied to control the school in my own command.

On time, full 16 week curriculum. Now an entry level requirement for all cryptologic officers. Commanding officers around the world have documented the improvement. Officers qualify much earlier and now make instant contributions. Morale, confidence are much higher. Course delivered on time and within budget.

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