Thursday, October 15, 2009

Achieving Information Dominance - Priorities & Objectives for the 21st Century

End State
The complex threat we face and the operations we conduct both today and in the future require all Navy professionals to skillfully contribute to, access, and utilize intelligence. For the near future, we will continue to work to prevent the next terrorist surprise and support combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As the Navy establishes a global network of Maritime Headquarters with/Maritime Operation Centers (MHQ w/MOC) the demand for the timely, relevant, and predictive intelligence, which is critical to its success, will increase. While our future challenges are complex and tied to an ever-changing strategic environment, the solutions lie in recruiting the best, developing them to the highest standards, to achieve deep knowledge of the adversary and in-depth understanding of the maritime environment; therefore we will . . .
  • Become the nation’s pre-eminent Intelligence and Information Operations work force
  • Achieve a competitive advantage by harmonizing Intelligence and Information Operations
  • Acquire a profound knowledge of adversaries and the environment
  • Incorporate innovative information-based concepts, technologies, processes
  • Recruit, develop and retain the brightest, most innovative and highly educated people we can attract who will lead our nation’s intelligence and information-based professions
Our future challenges are complex, but the desired end state for Navy Intelligence and Information Operations is simple and clear.

From Vice Admiral Dorsett's paper on the subject dated July 2008.

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