Thursday, July 23, 2009

Navy Leader Responsibilities

Navy leaders have a responsibility to make sure that their subordinates are challenged, rewarded, promoted and moved on to more demanding and more senior assignments in the most thoughtful and deliberate manner possible. This CAN NOT be done in a vacuum. Outside input is absolutely essential.

Navy leaders should identify the best and brightest in their organizations and make those people known to the most senior leaders in the Navy. This is where service reputation becomes so important.

Navy leaders should be careful not to overlook some of their "late blooming" subordinates. Within the Navy, there are some people of enormous talent who may have been overlooked or who might have matured professionally a bit later than their peer group. Don't discount these people. The Navy needs them, also. Very likely they have been too busy getting the job done to toot their own horns.

Finally, if the Navy leader has done his job well and been a good teacher, the Navy will be in better shape. If the leader has spent most of his time teaching and only a bit of his time solving problems, the leader probably has enabled his subordinates to learn how to solve problems on their own. That is a good thing.

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