Monday, July 6, 2009

Just Got My Fitness Report - 2 Months Late !!

Just got my 3rd Retirement FITREP from my boss (wife). It was brutally honest and I have lots of work to do. We reviewed my professional development plan and I'm on a vector toward improvement in all 'graded' areas. Thankfully, it is a "1 of 1" in my current assignment and I am "1 of the best" she's known.

I am a little angry as the reporting period ended on 13 May - our 29th anniversary and I am just getting my report now - nearly 2 months late. So, I'm 2 months into the new reporting period and I'm just now finding out where I need to improve. The boss said that I should have acted on all the verbal counseling that I've been getting throughout the reporting period. Thankfully, I was spared 360 degree feedback and didn't have to deal with all that. I am somewhat disappointed by all the white space on this year's report. "Needs improvement in all areas" seemed harsh to me. And, I don't think failing the Physical Readiness Test and exceeding Body Fat % should be held against me.

The Broadside cartoonist, Jeff Bacon (now a retired Captain) and I went to Naval Postgraduate School together in the 1990s.

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BostonMaggie said...

Hilarious! It's my favorite #militarymon Tweet!