Monday, July 20, 2009

Challenge Cherished Beliefs

Rank can give validity to decisions, but too often it stifles contrary opinions from subordinates. Successful leaders and decision makers need the inputs and thoughts of those who work for them, and must create an atmosphere and relationship that allows for free exchange of ideas until such time as a decision is made.

Very few leaders are successful when deprived of the opinions of their subordinates. There must be a willingness to challenge cherished beliefs without disparagement and without equivocation. The greatest deterrent to the development of dedicated young leaders is a system that encourages our young officers to be yes men and not to "rock the boat."

Edgar F. Puryear Jr.
The Moral Imperatives of Naval Command

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Natalie said...

I feel this statement reaches beyond the realm of the military and emphasizes the need for strong, quality leadership across all sectors.