Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Periodic Offsites to Review Progress, Plan for the Future

Periodic off-site retreats are excellent teaching opportunities. The leader should open the retreat with a general statement of philosophy, goals, priorities, and concerns, and should review the prior year by highlighting both the high and the low points. The leadership should emphasize the major upcoming events over the next few months and explain why they are important to the organization. The leader should thank subordinates for their outstanding work and encourage them to seek even higher levels of excellence over the next year.

The leader should ask these questions:

1. What successes have we enjoyed and what have been the secrets to those successes?
2. What is really bothering you about the organization and my leadership style?
3. What opportunities are we missing?
4. What mistakes have we made or are we making?
5. How can we make next year even more productive?

From Maj Gen Perry M. Smith's book Rules and Tools for Leaders

Things to consider:

How have we done with the milestones outlined in

(1) NNWC Strategic Plan Goal 2 Extend and optimize the use of Information Operations Capabilities

(2) CNO Guidance for 2007 and 2008 Tasking

- Goal 5 Ensure U.S. Navy forces achieve decision superiority.
- Goal 8.1.8 Develop Information Warfare Planners that integrate Information Operations across campaign planning.

(3) United States Fleet Forces Command's 2008 Annual Plan
- NNWC Mission and Five Focus Areas

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