Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Information Warfare Officer Community

The Information Warfare Officer community is is a group of like-minded people. You are probably a part of several different communities – the Navy, your command, where you live, the college you graduated from, your wardroom, a group of friends with whom you play sports or other hobby activity, and your church fellowship.

A community of people usually has most of these characteristics:

  • shared interests
  • shared values
  • shared problems/enemies
  • mutually supportive
  • intimacy
  • physical face-to-face interaction at specific times
A virtual online community shares most of these characteristics except the last. Time and location are no longer relevant. And because you are online, you can share as much or little of yourself as you wish, without being judged. Join the Information Warriors online community at http://www.informationwarriors.net/

We clearly need to rebuild what used to be the Naval Security Group's sense of community. You can no longer check out our Information Warfare Officer Community Manager's blog at http://www.netwarcom.navy.mil IT HAS BEEN DELETED. THE LINK WILL TAKE YOU TO THE NETWARCOM Website. That site and NKO are the definitive, official sources of online information about the Information Warfare community. You can also share your ideas with CDR Dave Bondura at david.bondura@navy.mil. He is the Vice Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command's Executive Assistant. He is the one responsible for bringing your ideas to RADM Ned Deets, if you don't feel comfortable contacting him directly.

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