Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Officer Culture We Want

- The freedom occasionally to fail without fatal career consequences.

- “Careers” in which individual officers find professional satisfaction (developing and applying their expertise) out-weighing the personally incurred costs of the services’s bureaucratic nature.

- The pervasiveness of absolute “candor” as the cultural norm with all leaders at all levels at all times in interpersonal relations and in official reports and communications.

- More senior officers (as seen from each rank) leading by the example of their own moral character, (VADM Stufflebeem, RADM Pete J. Williams, RADM Joe Sestak and RDML Chuck Goddard (--to name a few--) you embarrass us) by following and policing the profession’s ethic across all of its domains, particularly in issues requiring the individual moral courage to deny oneself, to see what is best for the profession and its effectiveness from the larger perspective.

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