Saturday, March 14, 2015

USS DEL BLACK - a great idea

The late master chief has been chosen as the namesake for the DDG 119, dubbed guided-missile destroyer Delbert D. Black, the 60th Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer.


BMCM Espinosa (retired) said...

I hope this might lead to our Chiefs taking care of their sailors' welfare first before themselves. Del was all about making things better for sailors. Let's return to that era.

Anonymous said...

Naming a warship after a true naval leader and hero instead of a politician? How unique! I hope this trend continues.

SCPO Steven Butler said...

I do not believe the MCPON of Del's era and today are comparable. I am happy that we recognized his significance to the Navy. In today's world, Del Black would never be selected for the CMC program much less MCPON. And that says nothing about Del Black but a lot about our Navy.