Friday, March 13, 2015


Plaque from HYPO station in Pearl Harbor provided by CDR Rob Damsky

1.  Captain Joseph John Rochefort was a major figure in the U.S. Navy's development of cryptologic and intelligence capabilities from 1925 to 1947.  He headed the Navy's fledgling cryptanalytic organization in the 1920's and provided singularly superb cryptologic support to the U.S. fleet during World War II, leading to victory in the Pacific.  At the end of his career (1942-1946), Captain Rochefort successfully headed the Pacific Strategic Intelligence Group in Washington, D.C..  In 1986, he posthumously received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his contributions during the Battle of Midway.
2.  Commander, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. TENTH Fleet is pleased to announce CDR James W. Adkisson III, USN, assigned to the staff of Commander, Carrier Strike Group THREE as this year's winner of the Captain Joseph J. Rochefort Information Warfare (IW) Officer Distinguished Leadership Award.  CDR Adkisson's contributions to the community include deploying with Special Operations Command Africa as the J2, where he maintained network integrity in support of coalition strikes and oversaw the analysis of recovered intelligence materials. During Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, he served in Iraq with the U.S. Army's 402nd and 431st Civil Affairs Battalion and TENTH Mountain Division, where he planned routes and conducted combat patrols to counter RCIEDs, saving countless U.S. lives.  During Operation RESTORE HOPE/RESTORE PROMISE in Mogadishu, Somalia, he flew over 400 hours in direct support of combat operations and provided over-watch during the "Black Hawk Down" incident.  Additionally, CDR Adkisson has deployed as a Deputy Information Warfare Coordinator; he has accumulated several thousand hours in the air aboard VQ and VPU P-3 aircraft in operations around the globe; and, he has deployed in support of a variety of special undersea missions.
3. Congratulations to the following nominees for their significant leadership contributions to the IW mission:
   a. CDR Ann Casey, (DIWC) Carrier Strike Group ONE
   b. CDR Marc Ratkus, Commander, NAVIOCOM Colorado
   c. CDR Dominic Lovello, Commander, NAVIOCOM Whidbey Island
   d. CDR Michael Elliot, Cyber National Mission Team TWO
   e. LCDR David Barnes, XO, NAVIOCOM Pensacola
   f. LCDR Joshua Sanders, CRC, Carrier Strike Group TEN
   g. LT Brian Salter, NAVIOCOM Norfolk (EWTGU)
   h. LT Shawn Wilkinson, COMPACFLT N2/N39 Staff
   i. CWO4 Hayward Murray, Technical Director, NAVIOCOM Yokosuka
4. Special thanks to the following officers who provided peer nominations for this year's consideration
   a. LCDR Troy Smith
   b. LCDR Brian Schulz
   c. LCDR Trevor Day
   d. LT Eren Cataloglu
   e. LCDR Kevin Barrett
   f. CDR Leonard Caver
   g. CDR Jenna Hausvik
   h. CDR Cynthia Keith
   i. CDR Michael Elliot
   j. LCDR Gary McConaghy
5. Congratulations and well done!  VADM Jan E Tighe, Commander,U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. TENTH Fleet.//


Anonymous said...

Though there is not a cryptologist among them, they are all winners.

Anonymous said...

It is both ironic and appropriate that today's very best information warfare officers are honored to receive an award in the name of one of our nation's finest intelligence officers.

Dick Froderman said...

I really enjoy Mike's blog. I tire of the anonymous comments which routinely snipe at today's SIGINT, CYBER, IO, and Information Dominance Warriors. We recognize there is a historic lineage to which we are tied. It is one of which we are all very proud! This isn't the same world as the one I entered as a CTO in the mid 80's where I still needed to read papertape. Thankfully the "Cryptology Officer" of old has evolved with the times into the IWO we have today which REMAINS relevant and a necessity in the Navy of the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ March 13, 2015 at 7:06 PM

What do you mean by: "Though there is not a cryptologist among them"

All of those nominated started out thier careers as either 1610s (otherwise known as 'Navy Cryptologists') or Enlisted CTs? Yes, we are now all IWs and part of the IDC, but SIGINT/Cryptology, EW and Cyber are our core competencies.

Mike Lambert said...


I also tire of the anonymous comments. People remain afraid to own their opinions. It's a sad commentary on social media. But it's a reality I have come to accept.

Sean Heritage said...

I love that those who cared enough to nominate a teammate are mentioned in the message. They represent the WE movement. It's great to see the WE growing! The real measure of this peer-centric experiment is the number of nominations. Glad to see that number growing...

Anonymous said...

"Special Undersea Missions" - there was a time when mere acknowledgement of such missions could result in the loss of your security clearance. Now higher headquarters openly cites these blind man's bluff missions in their messages. Sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that any specific offense is actually intended. The point is what was once 'apples' are now 'oranges' and they really shouldn't be cast in the same light. A mile deep and an inch wide 'apple' is not the same as an inch deep and a mile wide 'orange'.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to accept the commentary.

Don't post anonymous comments if you're tired of them. You have comment moderation enabled so you have the power to decide which comments you want to post.

Better yet, you could actually moderate the comments and not post the ones that offer no value / you find offensive. It's your blog. Although, you may not want to eliminate all negative comments because there may be those that do add value to the specific topic.

If you did moderate, and people saw their comments weren't getting posted, it just might provide incentive for those anonymous writers to raise their standards. Maybe not.

On the other hand, I wonder how many comments you would be posting if you completely eliminated those coming from anonymous contributors. My take is that you'd have a lot less postings because you have more anonymous writers than ones who identify themselves.

Finally, do you consider people who use a pseudonyms to be "owning" their comments? I don't but I don't care if people don't want to disclose their identities. There can be some real jewels that are posted anonymously that give pause for thought, and I can easily separate them from the negative / no value-add comments. Not meant to be a criticism.

Anonymous said...

Glad 10 people thought enough of their peers to nominate them for this award.

Howie L'Heureux said...

It was my honor to serve as Jim's sponsor when he was selected for CPO at DLI in Monterey, CA prior to his commissioning. It gives me great joy to see his continued accomplishments in service to our nation.

Congratulations Shipmate - keep soaring and God Bless!

Howie L'Heureux
CTICS, Retired

Mike Lambert said...

Senior Chief,
Thanks for stopping by.

Howie L'Heureux said...

Thanks Mike - great blog!