Friday, February 27, 2015

NCDOC Technical Director Recognized as DON IT/IM Person of the Year

The Department of the Navy (DoN) Chief Information Officer recently congratulated the 2015 Information Technology Award winners.  Among them was:
Mr. Robert W. Boshonek, NCDOC Technical Director, Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command for providing exceptional leadership and technical expertise to Navy Cybersecurity. His conceptualizing of the “War Room” was paramount to the success of the largest cyber operation in Navy history. He drove the creation of the cyber remediation list to harden Navy networks, and his work with "Task Force Cyber Awakening" is bringing additional security to combat systems and hull, maintenance, and electrical systems. He was a critical player in the Joint Information Environment/Joint Regional Security Stack (JRSS) discussions, which will completely reshape the DoD information network and create an entirely new governance structure. The vast cybersecurity knowledge and dynamic leadership provided by Mr. Boshonek were instrumental in shaping the future of Navy and DoD cybersecurity.
Bravo Zulu.


Anonymous said...

Bob is just an awesome professional. Proud to have worked with him.

Sean Heritage said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to learn from and lead with Bob and Team NCDOC.

Anonymous said...

This kind of leadership is refreshing.

CDR Mick Brons said...

He's superb- the Navy and NCDOC are lucky to have him on the team.