Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Promise From The Past - LONG Forgotten

NETWARCOM Strategic Plan 2006-2010

Execution of the plan: Responsibility for each part of the plan is clearly indicated in the document. Tier I goals are collectively owned by the Commander, Vice Commander, and Deputy Commander (the strategic leadership team).

Tier II goal owners are accountable for accomplishing strategies and removing barriers, identifying resources, and tracking progress. These goal owners may establish a virtual team when needed to determine a Plan of Action and Milestones for their goals, and then monitor progress.

Each month, the strategic leadership team will review progress in achieving goals.

This plan will ultimately be linked to all existing NETWARCOM headquarters functions (Weekly Activity Reporters (WAR), military FITREPS and evaluations, civilian awards, civilian/contractor/resource allocation, etc.).
The entire NETWARCOM Strategic Plan will be reviewed annually.
Stakeholders will be kept informed of progress in goal achievements.

NETWARCOM Strategic Plan 2006-2010 (THE LINK IS DEAD - as are the ideas originally expressed)  Excellent ideas, poor execution.


Captain 1610 retired said...


These are documents that only have meaning for the small group who produces them. Once they move on, the process collapses. No one uses the cryptologic guiding principles or any of the rest of that. Write , publish, put on the shelf and forget about seems to be the standard mode of operation.

Captain 1610 Ret.

Anonymous said...

As Captain Sean Heritage would say (and has said) - they just weren't able to connect the dots.