Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Navy Cyber Warfare Development Group's 4th Anniversary

Navy Cyber Warfare Development Group - established four years ago, today

Rear Admiral Bill Leigher, Deputy Commander, Fleet Cyber Command/TENTH Fleet presided over the establishment ceremony for Navy Cyber Warfare Development Group on 18 February 2011.  Captain Steve Parode assumed command on that date from Captain Diane Gronewold (now the Executive Director).

Captain Andy Stewart is the current CO of NCWDG. Commander Donovan Oubre is the Executive Officer.  Diane Gronewold is the Executive Director. Commander Bartel is the N3.


Anonymous said...

BZ to Andy and crew.

AFCEA said...

Maybe this NCWDG can help with cybersecurity.

Adm. Greenert wants better cybersecurity technologies. “I need you to lock your IT doors. … Cybersecurity is a key requirement for all our systems and weapons. The losing of proprietary data … it’s just driving me crazy. … Cyber theft is just hemorrhaging us.”

Anonymous said...

So much intellect and potential here. So much wasted talent.