Friday, November 21, 2014


VADM Jan E. Tighe's staff was working on a tight timeline to deliver a new strategy by 21 November according to an e-mail to her Commanding Officers, Assistant Chiefs of Staff and Special Assistants. 

Strategic Plan Development Timeline:
- 21 Nov:  FCC/C10F Strategic Plan released

Did Executive Leadership Group (ELG) deliver?


Anonymous said...


As you might imagine, Captain Roy Petty (N5) finished his work and turned it over to the contractor. Now, he's out of the office until December. We don't know where the package sits at FCC/C10F.

Anonymous said...

The day is young. Patience.

NSMA said...

"...turned it over to the contractor." Too funny and too true.

Had a"Back in the day" discussion with a friend today. Used to be the military had the expertise and did the work. Oh, wait. Those people still do have the expertise but now they are the contractors.

CWO4 Brian Ashpole, USN-Retired said...

Shame on those of us who work for companies that do business with the government.

We are such bad people trying to make a living, pay the mortgage, and put food on the table.

The shame of it all.

Anonymous said...

CWO4 Ashpole,

It's not the fact that contractors are able to do the work that is the issue here, nor is it the issue that you get paid very well to do it; it is the fact that those of us on active duty require you to do the work instead being able, willing, wanting to do it ourselves.

Most staff officers today are simple program managers for the contractors on the staff vice action officers in the true sense of what they used to be. There are still those out there that are doing great action officer work...hopefully they are the ones being recognized, promoted, and will help shape the culture of our military's future.

Anonymous said...

Do Sailors develop/write curriculum or has that been assumed entirely by contractors? Is there still a curriculum development school/NEC? Developing and maintaining curricula was one of the most effective ways to learn (and remain current on) systems, processes, techniques, etc.

Anonymous said...

Revised delivery date is now: End of February.