Sunday, November 23, 2014


1. The purpose of this message is to solicit nominations for the Captain Joseph Rochefort Information Warfare (IW) Officer Distinguished Leadership Award.
2. Captain Joseph John Rochefort was a major figure in the U.S. Navy's cryptologic and intelligence development from 1925 to 1947. He headed the Navy's fledgling cryptanalytic organization in the 1920's and provided singularly superb cryptologic support to the fleet during World War II, leading to victory in the war in the pacific.  At the end of his career (1942-1946), Rochefort successfully headed the Pacific Strategic Intelligence Group in Washington. Rochefort died in 1976. In 1986, he posthumously received The President's National Defense Service Medal, the highest military award during peacetime, for his contributions during the Battle of Midway.
3.  The intent of the Captain Rochefort IW Officer Distinguished Leadership Award is to annually recognize the superior career achievement of one IW officer.  In the spirit of Captain Rochefort, specific consideration will be given to leadership, teamwork, operational contributions and adherence to the principle by which he served,  "We can accomplish anything provided no one cares who gets the credit."
4.  IW officers (181x, 644x and 744x) ranging from CWO2 to Commander are eligible for the award with consideration given to contributions while serving as both IW officers and cryptologic technicians.
5.  Nomination procedures:
A.  Peer nominations will be the only source of nominations. Only commissioned officers who are themselves eligible to be selected in the selection year may nominate one peer. The nomination will be made on a two page, signed letter containing the full name and unit of the peer nominated with typed justification (which will be held in confidence) based on the criteria.  The nomination letter will be forwarded directly to COMFLTCYBERCOM awards via email at: fcc_c10f_nsah_awards(at) NLT 6 Feb 2015.
B.  Nominations will be reviewed by a selection board of Captains designated by COMFLTCYBERCOM. Final selection will be made by the commander.
6.  Award selection will be announced via naval message. Presentation venue of the award will be accomplished at the U.S. Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association annual convention to be held in mid May 2015.  Individual commands are responsible for funding travel if selectees intend to participate in awards presentation.//


Sean Heritage said...

Interesting that it is a board made up of Captains. I think it would be great to comprise the board of previous selectees, much like the Heisman Trophy. I know last year was a little of both...hope it continues.

Anonymous said...

Really not a lot of interest in this award. 100s eligible and less than 5 % even take the time to nominate a peer.