Monday, November 10, 2014

A. J. HAWK on Character - at work and at home

"I think what a guy does on the field and what he does off the field are inseparable.  You have to be able to trust a guy to do his job on the field and he has to take care of his family off the field."

And this from Jake Plummer, "To me beauty is living life to higher standards, stronger morals and ethics and believing in them, whether people tell you you’re right or wrong.”


James L. Hammersla said...

I am detecting a theme; there have been a lot of discussions about character.

Good character is vital. What is good character is a personal standard and will differ based on personal belief, socio-political views, background etc. As said in the quote ”living life to higher standards … believing in them, whether people tell you you’re right or wrong.” As we get more experienced, we should less and less require guidance on what is right and wrong and be able to observe a situation, make a decision and act accordingly.

Lack of character in leaders/leadership results in standards being compromised for no good reason (yes, there are several good reasons to violate a rule or regulation) but simple expediency in a garrison / peacetime setting potentially makes me wonder if the shortcut is because the procedure just doesn’t work, or are we too lazy to maintain procedural compliance. What legitimately saddens me is the rare occasion I have seen a senior direct a junior to violate a regulation and not be willing to put their name to the order … in essence they are ready and willing to let the junior take the fall if things go bad. We have obligations to follow orders, but as soon as I am directed to do something illegal, immoral or unethical my obligation to my oath of office overrules blind followership.

Anonymous said...

Saw what you're talking about at Cairo West when a helo pilot lost it after RTB after being chewed out by the carrier CO for refusing to embark pax for an after dark launch after he point blank refused to cite operational necessity. He had no character, no integrity.

I do know what the difference is. A leader never ever leaves anybody junior to him to swing in the breeze or the hot flame. That's what integrity is. You step up and you take the flame spray.