Friday, May 2, 2014

Where Have All The Naval Memoirs Gone?

The budding Navy writer at sea.
My friend, Shipmate and writer Lieutenant Commander Christopher Nelson has an article in this month's PROCEEDINGS magazine over at

Head over HERE and read it.  Membership in USNI is required to read the entire article.

We need more Sailors to write about their Navy experience.  If it's not written down, the history is lost.  We can't allow that to happen.

Do as Admiral Stavridis implores us to do - "Read - Write - Publish and be Heard".


Navy Grade 36 Bureaucrat said...

I'm not surprised that more JOs (O1-O4) aren't writing. Considering that we make crazy demands on their time, don't spend enough time training them to do their jobs, let their Chiefs get away with disappearing for weeks out of the year for induction, hold them personally accountable every time Seaman Timmy decides to drive drunk (even though Seaman Timmy is a adult), etc. etc...and then we're surprised when they don't want to spent the few precious minutes they have at home away from work...writing about work??

Honestly, can we blame them? We need more people to write, but how about leadership reducing the number of stupid tasks we levy on JOs so that they can write when they aren't completely tired after work.

Anonymous said...

Because going to sea *used to* be fun.

Anonymous said...

I joined in 1995 as an SR and got out a CTI2(SW) after a DIRSUP tour as a 9124. I'd love to write more about my experiences. Anyone who was at DLI during the days of CDR Lott, LCDR Phillips, CTIC(AW/NAC) -- later ENS -- Adkisson and CTI2 Metz, feel free to write me at ... I love reminiscing with old shipmates. I loved the Navy even when I hated it, and I'm deeply proud of my service.

Anonymous said...

Your friend CTIC, then ENS is now CDR Adkisson and winner of the Captain Rochefort Leadership Award.