Wednesday, May 14, 2014

People make the difference

  • Every platform will sense and report via the network.
  • Every sensor and processor will be adaptively connected to the network.
  • Collectors and sensors will be dynamically tasked and managed over the global network. Every shooter and weapon will be capable of compiling, assessing, exploiting and using composite target data from any collector, sensor or data repository.
  • Data processing, correlation, exploitation, fusion and analysis will be network-hosted for enterprise level dynamic management and load balancing.
  • Remotely piloted, autonomous and unattended platforms and sensing and communication node capabilities will be emphasized.
  • Globally-integrated, service-oriented backbone architecture will be implemented with scalable enterprise-wide services.
  • Any sensor, data link, terminal or processor system that currently supports only one model platform or weapon will be migrated to the globally interconnected net-centric architecture or divested.
  • All data and information will be rendered universally discoverable, transparent and accessible; data will be standardized across Navy and the maritime domain.
  • Joint, Defense, interagency, Intelligence Community partner architectures and data resources will be aggressively leveraged in support of Navy missions and operations. 
  • Vulnerabilities and risks uniquely associated with net-centric operations will be rigorously accounted for, assessed and mitigated.
  • Navy information professionals will receive world-class training, qualification, experience and tools, and be expected to become prominent elements of Navy‘s warfighting arsenal.

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