Thursday, May 22, 2014

Have you shared this with your Sailors? You really should.

You can read the entire strategy HERE.

As described in my “Sailing Directions,” one of our guiding principles is “People are the Navy’s foundation.” The Navy has always recognized that command at sea is a unique privilege, and a uniquely demanding position, requiring self-reliance, judgment, confidence, and dedication to the welfare of shipmates. At all levels of the Navy, leadership and character have always been vitally important dimensions of who we are and what we do. Leadership is not a unique skill set; it is alloyed with character and integrity. Each is an essential part of the whole. In today’s complex and dynamic strategic environment, leadership is more important than ever, and developing enlisted and officer leaders must be one of our top priorities. 

Time associated with rigorous leader development cannot conflict with the demands of tactical and technical competence. These skills are complementary, and necessary. They are necessary foundations of every community in the Navy.

The purpose of this strategy is to synchronize the Navy’s leadership and strengthen our naval profession by providing a common framework for leader development – regardless of community – that is comprehensive in scope and enduring. Leader development in the Navy is accomplished through professional experience, training, education, and personal development. We need a single vision of Navy leader development that integrates these functions and binds us together as trusted members of the naval profession. For these reasons, we will move forward with this Navy Leader Development Strategy.

Jonathan W. Greenert
Chief of Naval Operations

And be sure to capture this Navy Leadership Development Outcomes Wheelbook for your officers. It's a useful tool.

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