Monday, May 19, 2014

Information Capable Warrior (ICW)

"Information dominance in the 21st century Navy will require specific focus, deep expertise developed over an entire career, new mindsets, and new processes. If we accept the assumption that "information effects" are both supporting kinetic operations and supported by kinetic effects, the Navy must take immediate steps to build and sustain Information Domain warfighting expertise in order to develop future Maritime or Joint Information Warfare Component Commanders. After reviewing all options for long-term effectiveness and near-term feasibility, the Information Capable Warrior study recommended establishing a new Information Officer (URL) warfighting community as a comprehensive solution with the best opportunity to realize the Navy’s goals for the future Information Capable Warrior."

Information Capable Warrior Whitepaper 2007
Captain Mark A. Wilson, USNR, Retired
President/CEO - Strategy Bridge International

Seven years later and we are getting closer to the comprehensive solution proposed by Mark Wilson.  Information Capable Warriors encompasses all designators in the Information Dominance Corps.

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