Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I have always subscribed to this definition of "taking care of people"

David Marquet
From Captain L. David Marquet's awesome book TURN THE SHIP AROUND - available soon from retailers everywhere.  You can pre-order HERE.
"It's hard to find a leadership book that doesn't encourage us to "take care of our people."  What I learned is this: taking care of your people does not mean protecting them from the consequences of their own behavior.  That's the path to irresponsibility.  What it does mean is giving them every available tool and advantage to achieve their aims in life, beyond the basics of the job.  In some cases it meant further education, in other cases crewmen's goals were incompatible with navy life and they separated on good terms."
You can also read about one of hundreds of ways that we took care of our Sailors at U.S. Naval Security Group Yokosuka, Japan HERE.


Anonymous said...

Just when I think that I have finally adapted to the ever incessant demands from GEN Xers to explain every decision and order, they grow up and are in command themselves. Dave Marquet's book appears to be less about real leadership and more about how to deal with the proclivities of the post boomer generation. It's irritating, but there is great value, just as much as using Meyers-Briggs assessments to manage people.

Mike Lambert said...

@ Anon June 26, 2012

Appreciate your opinion but it may be based on my poor representation of his work that I've chosen to highlight here. Captain Marquet's book is a good one. It certainly adds value to the body of knowledge/learning about leadership in our great Navy.

Anonymous said...

Took care of sailors in 100s of ways? Really? I'd like to see that list.