Saturday, June 23, 2012

Acknowledging Predecessor Successes

I can promise you that former Commanding Officers, Executive Officers and Command Master Chiefs don't get many (if any) letters like the one above.  Thanks Skipper Malloy!  If you've ever received one, I would be grateful if you shared it with me.  This relates back to my post (HERE) about Captain David Marquet's book "Turn This Ship Around".

Going from worst to first is a challenge but there's only one way to go.  Taking over an exceptional command and sustaining that excellence may be more of a challenge.  Getting to the next level may be monumental, while falling back into the old habit of mediocrity may be more likely. 


Sean Heritage said...

What a nice gesture! Kudos to Rod, Brian, and "Tuck". As I think about it, this sentiment need not be confined to command and it need not be only from incumbent to those who we relieve. Why not express more gratitude to those who relieve us and build on our significant contributions? I've admired what Andy Newsome continues to do with the OCM job and what Kevin Roberts and Danny Noles did with the CSG-11 CRC role, both jobs I was fortunate enough to have. And I have no doubt that Pat Count will help take the NIOC Pensacola Team to the next level. When we are truly leading strategically, we care as much about our wake as we do our PIM, for one leaders's wake (nobly executed) should become the next leader's PIM. Too many times we inadvertently spin circles as we make our time on watch the focus. I look forward to reading Captain Marquet's book, and will follow NIOC Yoko's lead. For me, it always goes back to "collective ownership", a concept too few of us truly get.

My thoughts on "Collective Ownership":

Bryan Lopez said...

Class act, Rod...Kudos mate

Anonymous said...

So we made a 1610 06 a IWC and that didn't work so well. Next we did an experiment in C3F and tee'd up 3 DIWCs as an 'experiment' (way back in 2003). The successes of those DIWCs led the way and are the model that is still being followed in the fleet today. Rod was one of those three and by all accounts did a great job. Afloat IW owes him a debt. Quite a legacy. Class act. U betcha.

Calvin Foster said...

Great way to keep the legacy going! I contacted previous CO's of my command in Kuwait and found that it opened some much-needed communication lines for previously unknown issues and history of the unit. Like many organizations, it had changed over the years, so gaining the long-term perspective was critical to our success!

Thanks for the fantastic blog!