Friday, June 1, 2012

Jim and Shirley Newman Retire

Captain Jim Newman, Shirley and Captain Jim Hagy
Captain Jim Newman and Shirley retired recently after a combined 100 years of service to the Navy and Naval Security Group.  Jim was 12 years old when he started in the Navy in October 1964. ((How did he do that???))  He retired as a Navy Captain in 2005.  Shirley was a very well respected (and some say feared) Budget Analyst/Director on the OPNAV Staff for many years.  Mahalo to both of you youngsters !!  You both served the Navy and NSG so well.  Your many friends and Shipmates wish you Fair Winds and Following Seas.
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Anonymous said...

The only ones who feared Shirley were the ones who didn't have their sh*t together.

Bryan Lopez said...

Jim (Skipper), Congratulations on your retirement and thank you for helping shape this young JO. Your leadership and mentoring will be missed. Best to you and Shirley on your transition. Godspeed!

LCDR Chris Weech said...

Congrats CAPT Newman & Shirley. CAPT Newman was my first CO at NSGA Rota in 1997. He was (and still is) a ROCK STAR!!!

LCDR Woodruff said...

Today is both a great and sad day for NIOC Hawaii. Jim and Shirley will be missed. We lost a wealth of knowledge and leadership with the retirement of these two. Best wishes to them both as they experience a new adventure.

Jeffrey Kaufmann said...

Next week will start a two week session on change management for the students in my strategy class at a top 10 business program. My discussion of change leadership will focus on "LT." Newman.

I will tell these students as I have been telling students for 20 years. I have read the research on leadership and I have listened to the experts but most of what I know about what a leader does and how a leader acts I learned from a young officer when I was a kid in the navy.

Jim may retire but as long as I teach, his lessons and influence will extend far beyond the Navy.

Congratulations to Jim and Shirley.

--Jeffrey Kaufmann Ph.D., JD
former CTO3 and current professor