Thursday, January 14, 2010

Taking care of our Sailors

In an earlier post, I wrote about the Executive Officer of U.S. Naval Security Group Activity Yokosuka, Japan and I writing to parents of our Sailors to keep them in the loop. The letter on the right (from more than 12 years ago) is but one example of our efforts to let parents know we truly valued their Sailor. We used a combination of modified 'form' letters and hand-written personal letters to maintain the link between our command and our Sailors' families.

By the end of my 3 year command tour we had written more than 1000 letters and built relationships with more than 200 families. I am pleased to say that some of those relationships with individual Sailors and their families continue today. It didn't happen by accident; we made it happen. Thanks again to my XO, LCDR Bob Duncan, USN - retired.


Old NFO said...

You did it right... Not many did... Thank you.

Retired Suppo said...

Love your entire blogsite but especially this letter. So many of our sailors came from broken homes or homes where they were viewed as malcontents. To show the parents of these sailors that their son/daughter is doing well in the USN is the greatest compliment/gift that a CO can deliver. BZ!!!