Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Leadership Summit

“Our Navy needs talented young Americans who want to serve their nation and make a difference. The key words here are serve and make a difference!”

Admiral Clark, Chief of Naval Operations

In December 2001, amidst our determined efforts in Afghanistan, the Leadership Summit was launched as a bold quest to help improve Naval leadership and shape our future culture. The Chief of Naval Operations' championing of this pilot initiative exemplifies both the kind of leader the Navy ought to strive to grow at every level, and the kind of holistic, positive change process that can open the status quo to transformations in collective action. The Summit was the first of its kind in our Navy.

Over 260 people were assembled ranging from seaman to CNO, and all backgrounds (surface, air, sub-surface, staff corps, Marines, civilian, SPECWAR…). Held at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, the Leadership Summit piloted a new approach to change called a Large Group Intervention that utilized Appreciative Inquiry (AI) methods of facilitation. Participants were empowered to generate their own pilot projects aimed at improving leadership and our Navy’s system of leadership development.

Each CNO brings his own priorities to the table and works them during his tenure...what lives on beyond that is his
LEGACY. What will your legacy be?

More on the leadership summit here. More than 30 pilot programs were undertaken. Some actually made it to implementation.

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