Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let's Not Forget The Sacrifice This Cryptologic Technican Made

At Walter Reed Hospital in December 2006.

Outside the rehab room, Navy Petty Officer, Cryptologic Technician Second Class Chad Kueser, a 33-year-old Iraq veteran from Garland, Texas, who lost both legs above the knee to a mortar round, is striding up and down a hallway. He is trying out his new C legs -- state-of-the art prostheses with a built-in computer that mimics the action of a human knee.

Today, 17 January 2010, he continues his recovery - which may take a lifetime.

How's he doing today? What are his needs today? Shouldn't we know? Shouldn't we care? Who knows? Who cares? I do. And I hope that you do too.
Here's what the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen had to say: (We have a lifelong responsibility) "to make sure we are doing everything we can in the positions of leadership to make sure people understand what those families have sacrificed, and that we reach out to them and in every way possible and meet their needs for the rest of their lives."

Do we leave their care to the Navy's Safe Harbor Program Office or do we maintain our Information Dominance Corps relationship with these wounded Cryptologic Technicians?


Anonymous said...

These guys and gals can continue to take the fight to the bad guys. May be physically challenged, but still have the cryppie skills to stay in the fight.

Nice blog Capt, Mayday sends.

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

Mayday Penland??

FOD said...

Godspeed man, Godspeed man.

Makes poseurs like the one found by Phib all the more despicable

Anonymous said...

Is there another Mayday out there? Tried to shoot you reply on your email and it bounced.

Scotty Penland

Chad Kueser said...

Ha! That's me in that picture! I walk a lot better then that now. No canes at all. Take care!


Mike Lambert said...

Chad. Thank you for your service!