Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What you get when you simply look for excellence - without quotas

Sixteen extraordinary professionals were recognized with Copernicus Awards in 2010. This is the kind of diversity I'm talking about. Excellence knows no color, sex, ethnicity, race, paygrade or any other 'discriminators'. These people are leaders in their professions and represent the best of the C4ISR community. This is the kind of cross section of America you get when you allow excellence to be the only discriminating characteristic - THERE WERE NO QUOTAS!!!

Congratulations to all the winners!! Read more about them HERE.

Not one of them needed any 'hyphenated' assistance (i.e., woman-Copernican, black-Copernican, Asian-Copernican, Coast Guard-Copernican, etc) in reaching the highest levels of C4ISR excellence. Each selectee is exceptional in his/her own right. Information Dominance Corps professionals - leading the way.

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