Thursday, November 12, 2009

Managing Your Officer Career

A key part of managing your officer career will be the counseling you receive. However, the quality of the counseling you receive is only as good as its source. No matter what the advice or the source, the career decisions you make affect your career.

In general, the most reliable sources for career information are your Commanding Officer, Executive Officer and your detailer. COs and XOs are knowledgeable and experienced counselors, able to address both general and specific requirements for your career path. Other, similarly experienced senior officers can help with the detailed requirements of your technical specialty. There are many career considerations which do not change, such as the importance of sustained superior performance. For guidance on specific billet choices in a changing career path, you will need to contact your detailer. Your detailers
should know your qualifications, career needs, personal preferences and which billets are available.

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Chris said...

U.S. Officers are some of the most well-respected men and women who serve our country.
There are different career paths and opportunities available, and I think guidance is very important to make the right decision.