Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Information Dominance Corps Responsibilities

From Captain Will Metts, Senior IWO detailer

N2/N6 is the community sponsor for the combined Information Dominance Corps communities (i.e., Intel, IP, IW and METOC Officer, Enlisted and Civilian (Para 6. b. of OPNAVINST 5300.12)), but each Community Leader retains his or her responsibility for individual communities (Para 6. e. of OPNAVINST 5300.12).

It is a subtle, but very important point to understand as the Corps evolves.

From the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Roughead

(Our plan) is to take our already very proficient and experienced operators and create with them and with others an “Information Dominance Corps.” Right now we have a lot of ratings, a lot of specialties within the Navy that in and of themselves are a bunch of different communities, a bunch of different structures if you will.

We will combine them into an Information Dominance Corps - it will include our Information Professionals, Information Warfare, Intelligence, Cryptology, Aerographer’s mates, IT [Information Systems Technicians] Professionals- they will all be combined into an Information Dominance Corps. And when you add that together, it will constitute about 44,000 Sailors in the United States Navy. They will retain their individual identities, but they will be managed as a corps, they will develop as a corps and they will fight as a corps.


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