Friday, November 20, 2009

Disruptive Leadership Explained - A Bit

Success in today's defense establishment requires a very different leadership approach. Disruptive leaders are applying techniques that change the game and overturn the status quo. Successful disruptive leaders are employing leadership models that ultimately lead to unprecedented growth and progress for their communities.

VADM Dorsett seems to have an almost uncanny ability see connections in the larger systems of which he is a part, has embraced shared assets and opportunities, and is cutting through the chaos to make a better future for our Navy.

I use VADM Jack Dorsett as the most recent example of disruptive leadership in the Navy because he has aggressively moved the naval intelligence community forward in a very short period of time by (among many initiatives) helping establish four intelligence centers of excellence. He accomplished this in February 2009 to provide a concentrated focus and increased levels of expertise. In doing this, he demonstrated his capacity for additional responsibility.
  • Nimitz Operational Intelligence Center is responsible for Maritime Domain Awareness, intelligence products for Maritime Operations Centers and the Fleet, and Global Maritime Intelligence Integration.
  • Farragut Technical Analysis Center produces integrated assessments and intelligence on current and future adversary weapons, platforms, combat systems, ISR and cyber capabilities to prevent technological surprise to the Fleet.
  • Kennedy Irregular Warfare Center delivers tailored reach-back and forward-deployed services to Navy Special Warfare and Navy Expeditionary Combat Command forces engaged globally.
  • Hopper Information Services Center improves interoperability and enables enhanced access to ONI products and expertise via a service-oriented architecture.
Recognizing his disruptive leadership skills, the Chief of Naval Operations gave VADM Dorsett a mandate to mature the Information Dominance Corps (IP, Intel, METOC, IW) to meet ever-expanding requirements of their fleet, joint, and national customers.

Earlier this week, VADM Dorsett hosted the inaugural IDC Flag Panel. This panel establishes synergy among the IDC at the Flag/SES level. Attendees at the panel were: JCS VJ6, Vice Commander NNWC, Oceanographer of the Navy, Director-National Maritime Intelligence Center, OPNAV N2/N6C, Director Total Force Management, PEO Space Systems, NCIS, COS-OPNAV N2/N6S, FORCM NNWC, and OPNAV N2/N6 SEA.

Note: VADM Dorsett's approach to change was described to me by a senior Information Warfare Officer in this way: "While all the other guys were approaching change as 'eating the elephant one bite at a time', Jack Dorsett swallowed the transformation elephant (IW, IP, INTEL, METOC) whole and asked for dessert." She added, "The Navy of 2010 and beyond requires bold, decisive leaders with integrity, vision and purpose. The IDC ship has left the pier with VADM Dorsett at the helm. If you're not onboard and need/want to be, you'd better get in line for the COD. Seating may be limited."

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