Thursday, May 21, 2009

Navy Core Values

It’s nice that we’ve fashioned Navy Core Values posters to hang on our walls as reminders. The Navy Core Values laminated card for our wallets is nice too. But, those things are just reminders.

Sailors do not learn values from a list on a poster or laminated card. They learn those values by seeing them put in practice. They learn the values of their Leading Petty Officers (Chiefs and Division Officers - You better make sure that you are happy with the values of our LPOs). It’s easy to memorize the book definitions of our core values— honor - courage - commitment. The challenge is to internalize what each value means and understanding how our Sailors learn them from us. Our core values are the Navy's keel; all else is built upon the keel. Our Sailors learn those values from us—Navy leaders. Teach them well !

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