Monday, May 18, 2009

Flag Officer Development

The Navy has an Executive Development Program that is designed to mentor and develop officers selected for flag rank. It is based on researching corporate executive development models.

Each Flag officer has a personalized United States Navy Senior Leader Development Plan. This plan includes a Competence Level Assessment, which is the key document for exchanging career information between protégées and their mentors.

There are nine identified competencies for flag officers:
- Leadership
- Change management
- Human capital management
- IT management
- Financial management
- Joint operations
- Fleet / staff operations
- Reserve affairs

((I am betting that our next 1610 Flag has many of these competencies in their portfolio. Hope we get the news soon.))

Interesting article/post from CDR Michael Junge (former CO USS Whidbey Island) on Flag Officer Selection - WHAT DOES A DUCK LOOK LIKE? - Naval Flag Officers In 2002.

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