Sunday, May 10, 2009

Defending the Navy Culture

“Fundamental to the value of our Sailors is culture; it’s our culture that makes our Sailors different. Clearly the training and equipping does, but it’s the culture of the Navy and the culture of innovation that make our Sailors so very different: they simply get the job done, they identify a problem, they self-organize, they execute well, they’re collaborative and when the time comes for them to leave, they put their responsibilities into a package to turn over to a successor who can be more successful than they were. That is something that we as a Navy can never lose and that’s the culture that exists today.”

Admiral Gary Roughead in his May Rhumblines, CNO Monthly Update

Plain and simple - Sailors find a way, day in and day out, despite every obstacle put in their way, to get the job done. Always have - always will.

PLEASE NOTE: Nearly 13 years ago James Webb gave a speech entitled "DEFENDING THE NAVY'S CULTURE" A few of his comments:

If the Navy is to regain its soul and its respect, the answer lies not in some additional program but in the right kind of leaders, at every level of command. Leaders who understand that the seemingly arcane concepts of tradition, loyalty, discipline, and moral courage have carried the Navy through cyclical turbulence in peace and war. Leaders who are imbued with a solemn duty to preserve sacrosanct ideals and pass them on to succeeding generations, leaders who know that this obligation transcends their own importance and must outlast their individual careers. Leaders with the courage to articulate the inviolability of these ideals to the political process. Leaders who will never allow a weakening of these ideals in exchange for selfpreservation.

It's time to give the Navy back to such leaders. There can be no more important task over the next few years. Without officers who will defend the Navy's culture and take decisive action when it is needed, there will be nothing but continuing chaos. With them, as they have shown throughout the Navy's history, no challenge is too great; anything is possible.


Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

The article by Sen. Webb "DEFENDING THE NAVY'S CULTURE" is one thing by the Senator that I happen to agree with. A number of other leadership proposals such as; CNO Leadership Summit - Opening the Twenty First Century - 8 years ago, and so called recommended standards posted on your blog Tuesday, May 5, 2009 do not hold with Adm. Rougheads evaluation of Navy culture.

Very Respectfully,

1610 Captain said...

As always Master Chief, I appreciate your comments and I am glad you are still checking in here - from time to time. I have been a fan of Senator Webb's from the late 60's. A friend of mine was sweet on his sister in high school. We were at the same AFB with his family while he was in Vietnam with the Marines.