Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Premier IW/cryptologic force

"The Naval Security Group is the premier military IW and cryptologic force in the world. Maritime Information Dominance For America is our value statement. An ambitious transformation is underway throughout our Service. We are developing a Human Capital Strategy predicated on “Right skill, Right time, Right place (R3)” principles that will deliver a combat-ready, mission-centric IW force."

"Our relevance lies in our ability to participate in, and add value to, time-sensitive targeting. Our success is measured by the degree to which we shorten the “kill chain” and control or destroy the enemy’s information environment. At the heart of our vision is the unambiguous acknowledgment that cryptology is a critical component of IO. We will achieve information dominance by taking advantage of our command of the sea with a network of highly automated, scalable sensors across all domains – air, sea, undersea and cyber. We will produce time critical information within the vulnerability windows of potential adversaries and deliver offensive, non-kinetic striking power."

Rear Admiral Andrew M. Singer - the final Commander, Naval Security Group Command

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