Sunday, June 22, 2008

Naval Aviator Number Thirty-three

"He spoke in a low voice and used few words. Yet, so great was his concern for his people - for their training and welfare in peacetime and their rescue in combat - that he was able to obtain their final ounce of effort and loyalty, without which he could not have become the preeminent carrier force commander in the world. A bulldog of a fighter, a strategist blessed with an uncanny ability to foresee his enemy's next move, and a lifelong searcher after truth and trout streams, he was above all else - perhaps above all other - a Naval Aviator."

Admiral Arleigh Burke speaking about his superior, Admiral Marc A. Mitscher's, leadership abilities. From the book - LEADERSHIP EMBODIED - The Secrets to Success of the Most Effective Navy and Marine Corps Leaders.

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