Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Idealists write history's stirring chapters

"You may find people who will contend that patriotism is something to be a little bit embarrassed about or that honor is somewhat outdated as a notion and that concentrating on America's imperfection makes you a realist. Not so. That's the sign of a cynic. Being a cynic is easy. You can just sit back, heckle from the cheap seats, while others serve, storm beaches, build nations, meet their destinies."

"Idealists write history's stirring chapters; cynics read those chapters and seem not to understand. Choose to be an idealist. There have always been those who contend that what's wrong with the world is America. Don't believe it."

Former Secretary of Defense, Donald H. Rumsfeld

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David J. Moore said...

This from the idealist who publicly insulted our country's servicemen and women as a way of side-stepping their questions regarding the Defense Dept.'s failure to provide them much-needed equipment.
His platitudes and blithe dismissals in fact cost many brave military personnel their lives.