Sunday, April 3, 2016

Today we learned all about unicorns - Guest post from a JO

The things that Junior Officers share with me never ceases to astound me.  

Today I learned that their CO provided the first training in months for the wardroom.  The subject of this training was "unicorns".  Seems odd to me but I am always in the listen and learn mode.  

This particular CO doesn't spend much time training his wardroom so when it happens, his JOs are all ears.  For a full 45 minutes, CO explained in detail the origin of unicorns, the value of unicorns in today's Navy and the importance of unicorns to the command's mission.  

This had to have been a test and I am sure it was.  

But, not a single JO asked the CO what the hell he was talking about.  No matter that unicorns are NOT a part of the command's mission.  The block was "checked", the CO had provided training to the wardroom.  Word to the wise, make sure you get your "unicorn training block" checked.

If this seems ridiculous, you are on the right track. Substitute any useless training topic for "unicorn" and you're getting closer.


Sean Heritage said...

Given the topic of this CO's training and my known affinity for unicorns (see link below), let me get in front of the story - not me, not NCDOC, and evidently not on point.

Anonymous said...

I was beginning to think we were beyond the realm of fairies and unicorns but they are still in the pantheon of wonders that make us better by being there for us when the chips are down. All of those shibboleths come down to us from high atop the mountain and we expect to see them because we have heard so much about them and their importance to our missions. Strength through Unicorns!