Thursday, April 14, 2016

In case you may have forgotten - I was drafted to the SecDef Staff ten years ago. An amazing experience.

 "If you are not criticized, you may not be doing much."
- Rumsfeld's Rules
Oddly enough, Secretary Rumsfeld never criticized me.  I wonder if there is a message in that for me?


Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

The first Master Chief that I ever worked for, FTCM John E. Smith, used a similar outlook on his attitude toward Sailors. He always said that we should get our butts chewed out on a regular basis, even every day, just to keep us doing our job and not resting on our laurels.

What a leader he was, if one of his Sailors was pointed as being deficient for any reason by his superiors, he would be notified as per the chain of command and would generally evaluate the circumstances, his normal response to his Sailors was, consider your butt chewed out, and then explain what the complaint was that he received.

Master Chief Smith never chewed me out, and I chose to believe that he figured he got what he wanted from me. I do not think you should look for a message Captain.

Very Respectfully,

My kids' Mom said...

How very comforting! Maybe I am doing something after all then, hence all the opinions. I will borrow that quote again. Maybe I even need to post it on my refrigerator.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Kind regards from Sweden

Jay said...

Great photo and a great quote.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking you should have done more.

Anonymous said...

Civilian leadership has an impact.

Nobody talks about it.

How many officers were left on the vine after selection to BG because they had 'run afoul' of the Secretary?

The iris opens but once for promotion to flag and when the political winds blow strongly, there is a profound political result. You see it in Petraeus and the rest of that generation.

I'm surprised you didn't select. But then again, it is an offslant community and there is a need to promote diverse elements to influence the overall numbers to offset the lack of warfare qualified flag officer selects.

But you knew that.