Friday, April 15, 2016

A Sailor's Plea


Don't keep us in the dark.   Clearly let us know what the mission is.  Be positive and let the crew play to its strengths.  Give us some leeway for innovative thinking and action.  Tell us how we are doing.  We'll exceed your expectations.

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Anonymous said...

Well Mike, from here the mission is a classic one. Spy on the jews and the other citizens and make it hard for them. Make life miserable for Enemies of the State. Use all your power to enable the destruction of the Enemies of the State and people who disagree about the science of global warming. Use your unique skills and all the resources and tools the state has provided you to indict, disrupt and criminalize those who disagree with the State.

What do do you think, Mike?

I tend to think that is what the NSA is doing every day in every single way. I'm afraid Snowden lifted the curtain a little bit and now we see what happens there at NSA.

We on the outside, looking in, we tend to think it profoundly un American.

I know, your mileage may differ but there is simply NO way that you can refute it because, Snowden lifted the curtain. It is what you and the rest at NSA do. You spy on Americans and it looks like you use that info for soviet purposes.

I think we pretty much understand your mission Mike. It crept out of the dark and now everybody sees it.