Saturday, August 2, 2014

Protect the maverick

“General Mathew B. Ridgway once asked five senior officers from the various services: ‘What do you think is the most important job of the chief of staff?’

They did not know.

Ridgway answered: ‘“To protect the maverick, because only the maverick makes progress.’” 


Anonymous said...

The general's name is Ridgway, not Ridgeway.

Mike Lambert said...

Thank you anonymouse.

Old Slow Hans said...

As a Chief (retired RMCM) I didn't only protect them, and sought them out and nurtured them.

(I've lurked on your blog for a long time, Captain. We would have worked well together.)

John said...

Mike, I liked this post very much about GEN Ridgway and mavericks. Can you point me to the source so I care read more about it? Thanks. John Byington

Mike Lambert said...


I recommend

SOLDIER: The Memoirs of Matthew B. Ridgway

I think you will enjoy it.