Friday, August 22, 2014

Captain James Mills - Commanding Officer, Navy Information Operations Command Hawaii

Captain James Mills relieved Captain Justin F. Kershaw as CO, NAVIOCOM Hawaii in a ceremony aboard USS MISSOURI in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on 21 August 2014.

As a Surface Warfare Officer and Information Professional Officer, he served in the Pacific and Atlantic Fleets supporting Operation Desert Storm, counter-narcotics operations, Noble Eagle, Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.  He is a recognized expert in Navy command & control, communications, combat systems, Information Warfare and cyber operations, leading establishment of several network-centric capabilities and programs now used in the US Navy. 

He has held key positions in major Fleet and Joint head quarters to include duty on the Navy Staff during 9/11. Additionally, he participated in humanitarian relief operations in the Philippines, following Hurricane Katrina, and the Haiti earthquake.

He is a 1990 graduate of the University of Arizona (computer science and political science), holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School, and other graduate certificates from the Joint Forces Staff College, Naval Postgraduate School, and Naval War College.


Anonymous said...

CAPT Mills is a total professional, great communicator and his approachable at all levels. NIOC Hawaii is getting a great leader.

Anonymous said...

Professionalism up 100%. Wardroom engagement better already. Things are looking up.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope he cleaver enough to bring along a solid navy wife!

Best of luck to the Mills family!

NIOC JO said...

There was such a positive energy during the change of command. Morale and quality of life should increase. CAPT Kershaw and XO Bandy wrecked and divided the Chiefs' mess and the Wardroom with their difficult to approach personalities, apathy towards mission and lack of professionalism. Enlisted, chief and officers were embarrassed time and time again as CAPT Kershaw and XO Bandy would repeatedly cancel appointments, show up late to briefings, awards ceremonies, VIP visits and tours on and off site, the list goes on and on. NIOC HI has a great chance for success with CAPT Mills and CDR Damsky.

Anonymous said...

Bandy and Kershaw were under the mistaken notion that seniority = superiority. Both suffered from an insufferable (sorry about that) self-serving delusion that they were intellectually superior to everyone they encountered. Rarely have I personally observed two of my peers behave in the manner that they did. My attempts at personal intervention to suggest more professional behavior by these two were met with surprise and promises of changes which never occurred. Despite my seniority, they acted with the same sense of superiority which brought in the ISIC EEO office and others. Being on the island with these two officers meant occasional meetings which were nearly always unpleasant.

I have no doubt that Captain Mills will get the command back on track and bring the wardroom back as a cohesive operating unit, fulfilling the mission of the command. His relationship with the CPO mess is markedly different (better) than that of Captain Kershaw. Commander Damsky could only lead Captain Kershaw so far but I give him great marks for holding the line against the CO's bad behavior.

Anonymous said...

The solid Navy wife comment made me chuckle. She's at NCTAMS PAC with the stellar CO that was suppossed to come to us at NIOC.