Friday, August 8, 2014

On the horizon for later this month


 Mission Statement
                    1. Provide qualified personnel to work the NSA Hawaii national mission.
                    2. Provide quality Information Warfare support to the fleet.
                    3. Develop and train all personnel to be the best Sailors in the Fleet.

Captain James Mills, an Information Professional (IP) Officer, is the prospective commanding officer of NIOC Hawaii (CTF 1070). He will be relieving Captain Justin F. Kershaw, an Information Warfare (IW) officer. Captain Mills’ IP background, however, is ideally suited to the command’s operations relative to the development of DoD’s Cyber Mission Force, the Navy’s pivot to the Pacific theater, and the rapid advances in information technology that are changing the dynamics of Naval warfare. His unique operational and technical experience includes several tours in the Pacific Fleet and extensive education in electrical engineering and computer science. He was one of CNO’s first Cyber Fellows, with significant experience in cyber defense and operations dating back to 1997’s Eligible Receiver – DoD’s first large scale evaluation of the impacts of cyber warfare on DoD and national infrastructure. Given the Information Dominance Corps' cross-detailing approach, NIOC Hawaii stands to benefit heavily from his professional experience and knowledge.

Captain Mills points out, “Cross-detailing allows us to tackle the complex problems faced by IDC commands from a multi-discipline approach. Through cross-detailing, the IDC will create a cadre of leaders able to build strategies and plans with the benefit of the ‘whole of the IDC’ as opposed to just relying on a single specialty.”
Commander Rob Damsky (an Information Warfare officer) is the command's Executive Officer. 


Anonymous said...

Our long command nightmare is ending.

Anonymous said...

Cheap shot. Give the man a break, he's human. If you were not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

My kids' Mom said...

Thank you Anonymous on August 19!


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