Monday, July 7, 2014

Through writing we create vision

My point is that if you don’t learn to write well — if you can’t get your point across in a clear, concise and organized way — you have no choice but to spray and pray. Writing well is part of leading well. Through writing we educate and motivate. Through writing we create vision. Through writing we instruct and get things done.

Timothy R. Clark, Ph.D
He is an author, international management consultant, former two-time CEO, Fulbright Scholar at Oxford University and Academic all-American football player at BYU. His latest two books are "The Leadership Test" and "Epic Change." 

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Sean Heritage said...

Love it! I also believe that it is through our writing that we in fact learn what we think. Many times, I pick a subject about which I have not given much thought. The thoughtful reflection that writing requires helps me to understand, commit to, and communicate what often is a new viewpoint.