Monday, July 21, 2014

COs can authorize ballcaps

Initiated by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, this change is a result of Sailor feedback received at all hands calls and is part of Navy's efforts to further empower command triads.

This is VERY empowering.  They should let CMCs decide what belt buckles you can wear and let the XO decide on the color of your socks.

This is empowering the triad???  I don't get it.


HMS Defiant said...

A triad of command. Sounds like the later Roman Empire, galley slaves and all.

Kevin said...

Empowering the command triad. Probably not.

Fostering unit cohesion and esprit de corps. Yes.

Navy Grade 36 Bureaucrat said...

How about giving command's more say over how their money is spent so they can best fill the mission. Oh wait, that would cost money, can't do that...

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,
Not to always come off negative but this is just an example of how dysfunctional the Navy has become. The stars make these horrible uniform decisions and then later relax after the negative feedback from the rest of the Navy.

Somehow we fought dozens of wars/skirmishes with our old Khaki/Dungaree's over the last couple of hundred years and yet in the last decade have managed to develop 7 new uniforms all of which were not suitable for any war zone.

If they really wanted to empower the TRIAD they should start by allowing the CO's more control over their operational/maintenance schedule. We are trying to maintain levels of engagement/deployment that are not feasible with the current assets. Of course no Flag would ever dare to say that. So the decision is left to the O's/CPO's at sea to drive the junior enlisted sailors into the ground to complete all that needs to be done.

Thats fine for now but once the economy rebounds you can bet the force will lose numerous quality people as they vote with their feet.

This is only one LDO's opinion so what the heck do I know.

Captain Steve said...

Well, this retired blackshoe really likes command ball caps--not the least because they get me lots of interesting conversations when I wear mine. The basic point, which I gather to be "It's uniform or it's not" I sure agree with. Now we have CO's able to say "My command will not wear this article of authorized apparel". To what possible end? Of course I rather think the "Blueberries" a stupid idea in the first place.

LCDRLDO/6440 said...

I think this is a good idea. But it will last about 3 stings of 2/2/2/80 (do we even work this sked anymore??) or until someones feelings are hurt or their culture or life style is insulted. Stand by for a CNO ALLNAV canceling this policy and MCPON mandated sensitivity training for everyone. It's very sad to see my Navy turning into a f'ng social experiment right in front of my eyes. UFB.

James Hammersla said...

This is probably a relief to those commands in Norfolk that have been wearing ballcaps with NWUs since at least 2010.

Personally, I think a ballcap with NWUs looks a bit odd, but if it really will improve morale so be it.

The former Marine in me understands the pride felt in one particular uniform or another (I loved my dress blues) but I also remember that it didn't take a specific unit logo, cap or shirt that united us as a platoon, company or battalion ... it was the pride of being a Marine and the one symbol that mattered was the Marine Corps emblem. This is something that seems to be lost on too many in the Navy ... the pride in being a Sailor first and foremost. That is an institutional fix that is not likely to be correct with a ball cap or a belt buckle.

Anonymous said...


Ship, shipmate, self.

Even if you don't always love Big Navy, you can still take pride in your own little grey-hulled piece of Navy.

James Hammersla said...


Concur. At the same time, I think on a bigger scale the Navy has an issue that we are more proud of being a [fill in the rate or rank] than of being a Sailor.