Monday, March 3, 2014

Take Full Measure of the Content of Your Character

"Can you be courteous in the face of an insult? Will you be harsh when your own treatment’s, unkind? Can you be compassionate when cruelty finds you? And will you be upright, when you or those you love are victimized? That is when you have to reach deep and take full measure of the content of your character. That is when you have to rely on your honor, your courage, your commitment, – core values that guide us in the Navy – and resolutely, persistently do the right thing. "

CNO - 2007


Anonymous said...

Captain to CNO in 2007, "Can you define the rationale you used to concoct the theory that 40 people thrown together by circumstance could man, operate, fight and repair a 3000 ton warship or did you have your minions just pull a number out of the air and stick with it until it was manifestly clear to even an idiot that it was dead wrong? Why did you do and say nothing when those same idiots told you that patrol boat crews could operate for up to 7 months port and starboard conducting 24/7 afloat armed security patrols? Is there any point in asking how you decided to accept the arbitrary assignment of IA duties to the Navy? Did you ever say no or was this the straw you clung to in order to justify how 'meaningful' the navy was in the War on Terror. Why CNO, have all these commanding officers been held accountable for failures under their command but zero admirals have been held accountable for similar failures at NAVSEA where no miserable failure is ever grounds for terminating the leadership?

What the hell is upright about the stance at OPNAV? Why did Fleet Forces Command, a 4 star, have to reach all the way down the chain of command bypassing any number of admirals in order to fire a CVN CO for something that wasn't wrong when he did it 4 years in the past and long before reporting as CO?"

Everyone should measure the content of the character of those who lead. There should be accountability up as well as down.

Anonymous said...

kind of like Matthew 5:39-48

CWO4 Brian Ashpole, USN-Retired said...

It is an unrealistic standard. Try as you may, you will fail at some point to meet all or some of these.

Mike Lambert said...

@ CWO4 Brian Ashpole

Yes, but try we must. Striving will only make us better.